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Anti-Harassment: Not just a policy

Facilitators guide some insightful discussion during the Anti-Harassment training session in Albuquerque. Forest Service photo.

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. – Human Resources Management, Employee and Labor Relations, and Civil Rights have partnered to create a cutting-edge, agency-wide program to quickly and effectively respond to reports of all forms of harassment. Mark Green, HRM Assistant Director of Employee and Labor Relations stressed that, “Every Federal agency is required to issue an annual Anti-Harassment policy statement, but the Forest Service now has much more than that. We have a one of kind comprehensive program based on personal responsibility and accountability. Our program reinforces our commitment to being the employer of choice and the model for providing a harassment-free work environment for all.” 

The Anti-Harassment project team held a training session in Albuquerque, New Mexico July 11-13, 2017. The session provided the opportunity to unify Employee Relations, Labor Relations and Civil Rights staffs together to share updates, collaborate, and fine-tune roles and responsibilities to have the most efficient Anti-Harassment program in the Federal Government.

The Anti-Harassment project team is excited to pioneer this in-depth program. Eric Atilano, assistant director, Civil Rights, shared, “This program includes all types of harassment including workplace bullying. It is a very inclusive program, extremely thorough. It ensures every employee is safe, respected, and valued.” The detailed policy that supports our overall program was fueled by Forest Service management in collaboration with our union partners with the vision to nurture a productive workplace free of harassment.

Soon new tools will be available, which will provide an avenue for employees to report incidents of harassment to skilled professionals 24 hours a day by calling our state of the art Harassment Reporting Center. The Harassment Reporting Center is designed to elevate issues expeditiously so that leaders, Civil Rights, and Employee Relations can take action to look into each situation. Training will also be provided for all employees to learn our roles and responsibilities when it comes to reporting harassment.

The conversation and awareness of the Anti-Harassment program will continue as we work toward a safe work environment for all. More information will be shared in the very near future as the program nears full implementation.

Participants from the Anti-Harassment training session was held in Albuquerque, New Mexico July 11-13, 2017. Forest Service photo.