Excel as a High-Performing Agency

EADM Business Operations highlight

WASHINGTON — The goal of the Environmental Analysis and Decision Making change effort is to increase the health, diversity, resilience, and productivity of our national forests and grasslands by increasing the efficiency of our environmental analysis and decision-making procedures to accomplish more work on-the-ground.

Employees were recruited from all levels of the agency across the nation, and asked to play key roles in groups, called Cadres, to help develop and implement the EADM effort. Cadres are advising, informing, and engaging at all levels of the agency, and are networking with each other to help identify successful ideas, innovations, and opportunities that could be adopted nationally.

The Business Operations EADM Cadre identified and are working on six tools and authorities to more efficiently address the 80 million acres of National Forest System lands at risk from insect, disease, and wildfire. These tools are:

1) Develop a Workforce Hiring Plan will help the Forest Service meet immediate mission requirements, while providing the flexibility to meet unforeseen challenges. 

2) Use of the Enterprise Program’s private sector business principles will deliver high-quality specialist services for customer needs. 

3) Expand the Agricultural Conservation Experienced Services (ACES) pilot to bring in non-federal, experienced workers, aged 55 and older, to assist in conservation-related programs on National Forest System lands. 

4) Use National Contracts (such as Indefinite Delivery/Indefinite Quality (IDIQ)) to allow for a broad range of work to be done efficiently under one contract by simply attaching “task orders”. 

5) Use private or public stewardship contract agreements to perform services to improve the national forests and public lands that meet local and rural community needs.

6) Expand the 11 grant and agreement instruments in the field that allow partners to help increase our capacity to get more work done on the ground.

You can find more information on these activities by visiting the Business Operations Cadre national EADM SharePoint site.