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EADM regional partner roundtables report now available

Members of the public attending one of the ten EADM roundtable sessions. Photo courtesy of National Forest Foundation.

WASHINGTON, DC – A National EADM Report, prepared by the National Forest Foundation, was released in June. This report focuses on the themes and ideas that were discussed at most, if not all, the regional roundtables, highlighting the leverages points that would have the most impact on a national scale.

In February and March, the Forest Service joined forces with the National Forest Foundation to host a series of roundtables to hear ideas from partners about the Environmental Analysis and Decision Making effort. This change effort aims to improve the health, diversity, resilience, and productivity of our national forests and grasslands by improving the way the Forest Service analyzes projects and makes decisions to accomplish more work on-the-ground.

The Forest Service and partners came together to identify, discuss, and capture perceptions on barriers and solutions; explore roles partners can play moving forward; support dialogue to strengthen relationships; and explain how partner feedback will be incorporated into the EADM process. The roundtables provided a space for partners to engage and voice concerns to agency leadership about EADM processes at the local, regional, and national scales.

The roundtables were held in each Forest Service region and the WO. More than 1,500 partners across the nation were invited to participate. In total, 600 participants representing 400 unique organizations, government agencies, Tribal entities and businesses attended the roundtable discussions. The National Forest Foundation prepared an individual summary report for each of the 10 round tables. Each regional report includes the breadth and depth of ideas discussed that had applicability at the regional and national levels; each Region is using their unique regional report at a touch point for changes that can been made at that scale.

Ultimately, the roundtables identified nine topic areas that the Forest Service will consider when moving forward with the EADM change effort:

  • Agency culture
  • Resource conflict
  • Personnel policies and staffing decisions
  • Collaboration and partnerships
  • Tribal, governmental and interagency consultations
  • Capacity and resources
  • Analysis documents and specialist reports
  • Scale issues
  • Research and science

Currently, this report is available for download. Visit the EADM website to learn about ongoing developments!