Excel as a High-Performing Agency

Engage, dicuss with the National EADM SharePoint

WASHINGTON — In September, the Forest Service took on the work of reforming the way we conduct Environmental Analysis and Decision Making. The driving force behind this change effort is our employees. Their experience, their expertise and the challenges they face are all critical to help shape reform as we move forward. To that end, the importance of connecting and sharing ideas among agency staff has grown clear. An essential component to this communication is to share what’s working. We want to hear from you!

The National EADM SharePoint site features many opportunities to engage. Check out the discussion boards, suggestion box and the Share What’s Working page. Offering your insights, lessons learned and success stories will go a long way toward reaching our goal of improving processes in the Forest Service to get more work done on the ground.

While you are exploring the National EADM SharePoint site, check out stories like the Jasper Mountain Case Study or the story about NEPA efficiency tools on the Fishlake National Forest. Most importantly, contribute your success stories and learn from others, like Jeff Vail, Forest Supervisor on Angeles National Forest, about a collaborative in Los Angeles County that worked to put in place a management plan for a national monument.