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Environmental Analysis and Decision Making spotlight

WASHINGTON — In the Forest Service, we all come to work committed to improving the condition of forests and grasslands, being good neighbors, and creating jobs and economic benefits for all Americans. This fall, Forest Service staff from every corner of the agency, every region and every deputy area met to get started on a new priority to identify ways to improve the way we carry out Environmental Analysis and Decision Making, which is foundational to our work.

To be successful, we need to foster shared responsibility and continuous collaborative learning by exchanging ideas, lessons learned, tools and resources. A new national EADM SharePoint site, open to everyone, provides a space for that exchange to take place.

Chief Tooke and the National Leadership Council are fully committed to supporting and working with agency staff as well as our partners and the communities we serve as we move forward with this change effort. This process is intended to be not only transparent, but collaborative. We will rely on our employees, partners and communities to be thought leaders as we work together to develop efficient, effective and creative solutions to our shared challenges.

Take in the conversation below, and then visit SharePoint to check out the tools and information the national EADM team has added, including an introduction to EADM and a place to share your own stories and experiences. Please give us your feedback—this site will improve continuously with your expertise, knowledge and ideas.

In the first of a series of conversations with agency staff engaged in the EADM effort, National Forest System Deputy Chief Leslie Weldon explains the thought behind the effort and what can be expected as our work moves forward.