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Job Corps Centers recognized for excellence

Two awards
USDA Forest Service Job Corps program received two National Awards the National Job Corps Association. The program was awarded the “Highest Performing Center – Large Business PY18” and “Highest Average On Board Strength – Large Business PY18.” USDA Forest Service photo by Jeanna Weihrauch.

WASHINGTON, DC—The USDA Forest Service Job Corps Civilian Conservation Center program celebrated another successful week this week and demonstrated the commitment of its staff members to improving the performance of centers and student outcomes.

The National Job Corps Association awarded the Forest Service its two highest awards Tuesday — the 2018 Highest Performing Center award and 2018 Highest Average On-Board Strength award. These awards were based on our national performance. Additionally, the Outcome Measurement System rankings were released, and seven Forest Service Job Corps Centers ranked in the top 10 of all 119 Job Corps centers nationwide.

On-board strength is a measurement that indicates how close a center is operating to maximum capacity. A center operating at maximum capacity is improving the lives of underserved youth to its fullest ability. The Outcome Measurement System measures credential attainment, skills gains, job placement, average wage and employment duration. The Forest Service is the largest operator of Job Corps centers in the nation. Collectively, the average outcome measurement and on-board strength of Forest Service Job Corps centers was the highest of all Job Corps operators nationwide, indicating that students have interest in coming to our centers, stay longer once at our centers and realize greater outcomes once they depart.

“These awards and rankings are just another example of the resiliency and determination of our Job Corps employees. They care deeply about our students and do everything they can to provide a safe and nurturing environment, train and educate, and get students placed in quality jobs, all while modeling the importance of public service and conservations” said Jeanne T. Weihrauch, special assistant to the national director of Forest Service Job Corps.

The Forest Service will continue to improve opportunities and results for Job Corps Students. Recently, USDA announced a new vision for Job Corps Civilian Conservation Centers, one that more directly connects the curriculum with the Forest Service mission. It will serve as a workforce pipeline that runs from Job Corps centers to national forests and grasslands that need the skills of Job Corps graduates.

Job Corps employee at work
Trapper Creek Job Corps student works on reconstructing a 35 foot bridge in the Selway Wilderness on the Bitterroot National Forest. USDA Forest Service photo by Adam Washebek.

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