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Learn how the USDA Office of Ethics can help you

WASHINGTON, DC — The USDA Office of Ethics serves a vital function in our agency by providing prospective advice and counsel, financial disclosure, training and other services to our employees. This short introduction video will explain the various ways that Office of Ethics supports the USDA Forest Service’s numerous missions and strengthens the integrity of our agency.

Each day, some part of the ethics program is at work in every agency in the executive branch. The program ensures that Presidential appointees are aware of their ethical obligations and role in creating an ethical culture in their organizations. It ensures that public servants at all levels remain free from conflicts of interest as they carry out the responsibilities the American people have entrusted to them and after they leave government that they do not exercise undue influence on behalf of others. Above all, it is working to protect the public’s trust in government.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact the Office of Ethics.