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LEI Leadership Development Workshop a success


NEW MEXICO – On June 10 - 14, Thirty one Law Enforcement and Investigations employees (a diverse group of GS-7 through GS-13 level supervisors, agents, LEOs and administrative staff members) participated in the first LEI Leadership Development Workshop at the Albuquerque Service Center.  

This highly interactive workshop provided participants the opportunity to discover their strengths and develop talents to “lead from where you are.” Facilitator John McCann of CI International, engaged participants through story-telling, real life scenarios, role play and hands-on activities. In alignment with the LEI Strategic Plan, participants learned that they don’t have to be in an official “supervisory” role to be an effective leader. Participants also had the opportunity to interact with Director Perry, Deputy Director Boehm and other members of the LEI Leadership Team throughout the week.

Here’s what participants had to say about the workshop:

  • “I’ll use these tools to be a better employee, with a renewed “lead from where you are” effort.”
  • “I’ll be able to make some changes and be more successful.”
  • “Good facilitators; excellent materials…the book and tools will improve employees’ leadership abilities.”
  • “Better prepared me to deal with conflict and how to influence effectively with different styles of people.”
  • “I have discovered quite a bit about myself and how to proceed with issues on my respective forest.”
  • “I will take more leadership roles with confidence!”
  • “A highly worthwhile class!”
  • “I am making so any changes in being an effective leader.  An eye-opening course.”

The second Leadership Development Workshop will be held in Lakewood, Colorado, on November 4 – 8, 2019. More information and a call-out letter coming in August.  We hope you consider submitting your interest for this fantastic workshop.

Group photo
Participants for the June 2019, LEI Leadership Development Workshop. USDA Forest Service photo.