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MANRRS conference opens the doors to 66 new employees

From left to right, regional representatives Ericka Luna, R3 State Liaison; Kurt Steele, Deputy Forest Supervisor on the Nez Perce NF; (seated) Birk Roseman, Deputy District Ranger on the Ashley NF; and (standing, far right) Todd Harbin, Enterprise Program Analyst discuss potential selections while Dave Torok, R8 Lead Regional Recruiter, annotates a selection on the draft board. Forest Service photo by Julie Anne Overton.

NEW MEXICO — On June 29, Human Resources Management announced that the Forest Service hired 66 new employees through national recruitment and outreach efforts at the 33rd Minorities in Agriculture Natural Resources and Related Sciences annual career fair and training conference in April.

MANRRS is a national society that pursues excellence in leadership, scholarship and service. The theme of this year’s conference in Greensboro, North Carolina, was “preparing our future, empowering our present and honoring our past.” MANRRS promotes academic advancement for students through professional development programs, partnerships, competitions and career opportunities.

HRM’s National Collective Recruitment and Hiring Team brought subject matter experts and hiring managers together to review applications and conduct interviews with applicants for a variety of positions across the USDA Forest Service, including foresters, forestry technicians, natural resource specialists and realty specialists.

The new employees, who are in the process of being onboarded, include interns, recent graduates and merit applicants, including those eligible under the Land Management Workforce Flexibility Act

“Organizations like MANRRS are an excellent way to identify future leaders and bring them into the agency,” Supervisory Human Resources specialist Doug Crosbie said. “Our team is enthusiastic about hiring the next generation of employees. When you stop and think about where our newest recruits will be 20 years from now, we may have helped launch future regional foresters and national program directors on their successful career paths.”

The Forest Service is committed to strengthening its historical relationship with MANRRS to build a high-performing workforce and achieve a culture of diversity and inclusiveness. The hiring team is already planning for the 34th MANRRS career fair and training conference in Kansas in 2019.

Ralph Crawford, Assistant Director for Research, Northern Research Station, discusses potential selections with hiring managers as he monitors R&D and WO candidate lists. Forest Service photo by Julie Anne Overton.