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Recruitment is now open for the Southwest Area Incident Management Team 4

When large wildfires, floods, and other natural or manmade disasters strike, Incident Management Teams are often called in to help. Bringing order to chaos in challenging situations requires qualified people with skills of all kinds. During a particularly active wildfire season, the Southwest Area Incident Management Team 4 recognizes a growing need to recruit more skilled individuals to diversify team talent and ensure succession in critical team roles.

With the help of video producer and public information officer Andy Lyon, Team 4 filmed and produced a video designed to encourage anyone with the skills and the willingness to face challenging situations to join a management team. The men and women who come together to form an incident management team hail from city, county, tribal, state and federal agencies across the country. Every team member possesses a specific set of skills that is essential to the function of the team. Specialties include finance, logistics, planning, public information, operations and many more. The training and learning opportunities gained through emergency assignments help sharpen professional skills and offer a strong sense of accomplishment.

Interested individuals may apply through the Incident Command Application System, a web-based system used to announce and fill positions on incident management teams nationwide. The ICAP selection process occurs every year in the fall. Prospective team members must be employed or sponsored by a public safety agency.

To learn more about incident management teams, contact a Fire Management Officer at a fire program office near you.