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Say good-bye to the old Treesearch and hello to the new one

The new Treesearch has arrived.

WASHINGTON — The Forest Service is launching a new version of Treesearch site, aligned with agency directions in appearance and technologies, friendly to mobile users, and bringing powerful but familiar search tools.

Realizing that it’s not enough to use science to discover new solution and that the agency needs to deliver the new knowledge to the land managers, industry, government officials, and interested public who can translate them into better decisions, new products, and improved conditions on the ground, the agency launched the original site in 2004. It quickly became the go-to approach for delivering scholarly publications, found at. The site offerings have multiplied time and time again to nearly fifty thousand full text publications. Today, Treesearch is the most visited science site in the agency, but its appearance and search tools have hardly changed at all in that time.

The new Treesearch is also modernizing its address by moving to www.fs.usda.gov/treesearch. The new address better fits naming conventions for federal sites. The old address, however, will continue to redirect the users to the new site. While the new Treesearch brings significant improvements, user input can help make it even better. All users are invited to check out the site and use the Treesearch Team link on the Contact Us page to submit additional ideas for improving the site.