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Sign-up for and activation of credit monitoring ends on August 1

WASHINGTON, DC – On June 28 employees affected by an unauthorized release of personally identifiable information, or PII, received a notification letter outlining what had occurred, initial steps the agency was taking, to include additional security measures, and providing information about the credit monitoring services being offered. Next week we will provide a more detailed update on the investigation; this week we want to ensure that those affected have every opportunity to enroll for credit monitoring services.

The agency is offering one year of free credit monitoring service to all those affected through Experian. This service will provide a central source for those affected to check their credit reports and provide assistance with filing any reports or claims. Experian will provide alerts if any suspicious activities appear on your accounts.

As a reminder, there is still time to enroll. Those affected have until August 1 to enroll in, and activate the code for, the credit monitoring services. To register, send a request to this HRM email address: credit_monitoring@fs.fed.us. To request assistance with registering for the service, or for any further questions, call the HRM Contact Center to request assistance with registering for the service. The number is 1-877-372-7248; press #2 for HRM.