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Summer Interns have a lasting impact on the landscape

MINNESOTA – Through different internship programs, four students had a huge impact on the Chippewa National Forest this summer. Their work experience related to their particular academic program or career aspirations, providing exposure to public service while enhancing their educational goals.

Marcy Gotchie, a Resource Assistant Program intern from Salish Kootenai College and Maria Chiaberta, an intern from the Conservation Corps of Minnesota and Iowa, worked on a number of projects this summer. Both played a significant role in supervising kids in the Youth Archaeology Program, providing assistance on historic restoration projects led by Northern Bedrock Historic Preservation Corps at Shingobee Chalet and Joyce Estate. The biggest legacy of Marcy and Maria’s time on the Chippewa was their work reorganizing the Heritage Lab. Because of their efforts, this space is once again being used, furthering along some of the forest’s curatorial responsibilities.

Students Alex Engelson and Anna Zust teamed up with the forest engineering team through the CCMI program. The engineering duo completed road inspections of all Forest Service roads, which was started in the summer of 2017. Their field observations will be incorporated into the corporate data systems this fall. Once the data entry is complete, the Chippewa will have a fully updated base inventory for resource specialists to have quality data available for use. Other tasks over the summer included repainting portal signs, assisting with fleet management, enabling Smokey Bear to visit Kindergarten classes and working with the boundary management program.

Maria Chiaberta and Marcy Gotchie worked together to reorganizing the Heritage Lab. USDA Forest Service photo

Alex Engelson and Anna Zust teamed up with the Forest engineering team through the CCMI program. USDA Forest Service photo.