Excel as a High-Performing Agency

Thank you for all you do

Graphic: A person looks out from a cave entrance, shaped like a heart, over public lands. Text: Call to gratitude.WASHINGTON, DC—Each of us spent the furlough
differently—picking up a second job, glued to the news, Marie Kondo-ing our homes, and more. We all lived with the uncertainty about when we would return to work, and when and if we would get paid. There is another group with a different shared experience. These employees are the ones who came into work without pay, whether they were “excepted” from the beginning or called back later.

Chief Christiansen recognized everyone’s efforts in her welcome back message. If you get the opportunity, please take the time to recognize those employees who came to work each day to continue limited operations and faced long days and difficult choices.

Many employees, including those representing budget and pay, law enforcement officers and web managers, continued to work to ensure that employees received the information they needed during the shutdown. These employees helped people who were stranded on travel, created and updated informational websites, continued patrolling forests and performed other mission-critical work.

Of course, our top priority coming out of the shutdown was to get everyone paid as quickly as possible. Albuquerque Service Center employees made a herculean effort to do that, regularly sending emails and updating their website with critical information. Their work is integral to the entire agency, and they did a fabulous job, which is why Chief Christiansen visited Albuquerque to thank them in person last week.

Again, thank you all for your dedication throughout the shutdown. In these uncertain times, we can draw inspiration and motivation from each other by sharing our stories. When you have a moment, please thank your colleagues who held down the fort during this trying time.