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USDA Forest Service - 2019 Feds Feed Families extended through August 23

Graphic: a bowl and a sprig of weath - Feds Feed Families

WASHINGTON, D.C. – The 2019 Feds Feed Families campaign runs from June 26 through August 23 and will involve Federal employees donating nonperishable food items to food banks and pantries across the country. This year’s motto is “Do Right and Feed Everyone.” In a change from past years, this year we will be reporting all the food donated as one metric across the Federal Family. One measurement for One Federal Family.

We are not counting online or cash donations to charities during the Feds Feeds Families campaign. CFC is the Federal government’s sole charitable cash donation program.

You will find donation boxes in multiple locations on each floor of Yates. The Capital Area Food Bank “Most Wanted Items” are canned or dry beans, peanut butter, canned vegetables, pasta, brown and white rice, macaroni and cheese, hot and cold cereal, canned salmon, tuna or chicken, canned fruits, juices (including juice boxes) and healthy snacks like raisins or granola bars.

Key Dates:

  • USDA National Chili Cook-Off: Tuesday, July 23, 11 am - 1 pm, USDA Whitten Patio. Please sign up using the Fed Feeds Family email: fedsfeedfamilies@usda.gov by Tuesday, July 16. Required information includes: your name and email, your agency/office/program area, name and origin of your chili, vegetarian option (if applicable) and number of crock pots/warming devices.
    • The key factors in judging the Chili entries will be: color, aroma, consistency, taste and Presentation.
    • Support your agency’s entry and the Feds Feed Families Program by bringing in a food item to donate in exchange for a Chili Cup.
  • Forest Service Salsa and Guacamole Competition: Tuesday, July 30, 1:30 pm – 2:30 pm, Yates Building (room TBD). There will be three categories and winners: traditional salsa, non-traditional salsa (e.g. tomatillo, peach, pineapple, etc.), and guacamole. We will recognize the individual and staff area winners. One non-perishable item will buy one vote. More information will follow.
  • End of Feds Feed Families: Friday, August 9.
  • Closing Ceremony: Friday, August 16 at the USDA Farmer’s Market.

For more information on the USDA Feds Feed Families volunteer food drive, please check out the webpage or email us (fedsfeedfamilies@usda.gov).

The USDA Forest Service coordinators for 2019 are from Research & Development: Greg Arthaud (greg.arthaud@usda.gov) and Tom Schuler (thomas.m.schuler@usda.gov)

How to participate if you are out of the office – Food donation, garden or farm donations:

  1. Connect with a food bank or pantry in your area (FeedingAmerica. and https://ampleharvest.org/ have helpful directories), Or find a nonprofit feeding program that needs food, can take the weight and issue a receipt for that food donation
  2. Collect food items to donate
  3. Deliver the food donation and obtain a receipt with the number of pounds recorded
  4. Report your donation through either: a. a Chair or Champion in your office/area/region, or individually from a USDA computer, go to this online form and enter the pounds donated
  5. Keep a copy of the receipt until August 16, 2019 for verification if needed
Flyer: Indicating most wanted items for FFF