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Vote for our K-9 dog in the American Humane Hero Dog Awards

Forest Service photo by Christopher Magallon.

K-9 dog Ice, who was stabbed in the line of duty July 21, 2016, has been nominated for the American Humane Hero Dog Awards. Ice and his handler, LEO Christopher Magallon, were apprehending a suspect during a marijuana eradication operation in Trinity County, California. Ice is now healthy and back on the job.

Take a few minutes to vote for him so his efforts are recognized.

Despite being injured, Ice wasn’t deterred from his duty until officers took the suspect into custody. Ice was airlifted by California Highway Patrol helicopter to a veterinary hospital in Redding, California, where he was immediately operated upon. Magallon carries trauma kits with him, and was able to perform initial care for Ice’s wounds. Due to dense foliage, Magallon and others carried Ice ¾ of a mile to meet the helicopter at a suitable landing location.

For more on the events that lead to Ice’s injury check out our blog.