Regional Office welcomes CHOICE student interns

ALASKA - This fall, the Alaska Regional Office welcomed two student interns as part of the Choosing Healthy Options in Cooperative Education is an alternative program at Juneau Douglas High School in Juneau, Alaska. Both students were interested in learning more about the great outdoors, so the Forest Service was an easy choice considering all the opportunities our agency has to offer. The CHOICE program emphasizes community, family contact, off-campus retreats, hands-on and community-based experiences, service learning and additional support for students to be successful in reaching their goal of graduating high school.

The CHOICE program offers its students internship opportunities with various local organizations and agencies, including the Forest Service.

Haydon Chartier and Brandon Druley, born and raised in the Tongass National Forest in Juneau, are junior students at the JDHS. Both interns are excited to be working with the Forest Service to gain experiences that may open up doors to their future.

Brandon enjoys playing sports, guitar and the great outdoors. He also loves fishing, hiking, hunting and more. Brandon is eager to learn something new every day.

Haydon enjoys outdoor activities, track and field and computer technology. Haydon would like to learn more about the computer information technology field.

Both interns will be gaining a wide-breadth of experiences in the Regional Office including working with the Heritage, Fisheries, Recreation and Computer Technology departments.

The Alaska Regional Office is providing both interns with mentorship opportunities as well as part of this program. Through these mentoring efforts, the office showcases the diversity of the work done, while at the same time helping students explore opportunities that might inspire them to pursue a post-secondary education, and eventually a possible career in natural and cultural resource fields.

Additional information: Choosing Healthy Options in Cooperative Education Program, Juneau Douglas High School at

CHOICE student intern Brandon Druley. USDA Forest Service photo by Bobbie Jo Skibo.

CHOICE student intern Haydon Chartier. USDA Forest Service photo by Bobbie Jo Skibo.