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Apache-Sitgreaves host Society of American Foresters in outdoor learning lab

NEW MEXICO — On November 15, Apache-Sitgreaves National Forests hosted a tour in conjunction with the National Society of American Foresters Convention in Albuquerque, New Mexico. The tour was led by Dr. Kristen Waring, Professor of silviculture at Northern Arizona University, Flagstaff, and Dr. Randy Fuller, Apache-Sitgreaves Vegetation Management Staff Officer. The tour was attended by 32 silviculture instructors from across the United States interested in silviculture in the Ponderosa Pine Ecosystems of northern Arizona and New Mexico.

The tour visited sites on the ASNFs on the Lakeside and Springerville Ranger Districts. On Lakeside Ranger District the tour visited the Upper Rocky Restoration Project where District Ranger Ed Collins spoke to the history of White Mountain Stewardship programs and Anita Thompson, acting District silviculturist and Christopher Ruff, District Fire Management Officer discussed the use of mechanical thinning treatments and prescribed fire in restoring Arizona forests to healthy and resilient conditions. The tour remained while the Lakeside fire crews ignited a block for prescribed burning. On the Springerville Ranger District James Johnson, Apache National Forest Zone certified silviculturist, led the tour through the Wallow Fire and discussed recovery from large-landscape fire and vegetation responses within salvaged and unsalvaged aspen forests.

National Silviculture Instructors Tour group. Forest Service photo.

James Johnson explaining extent and effects of Wallow Fire (2011) on forest ecosystem while standing in recovering aspen stand. Forest Service photo.