Sustain Our Nation's Forests and Grasslands

Corporate sustainability professionals gather in Tahoe NF, discuss watershed restoration

CALIFORNIA — The Forest Service, in partnership with the National Forest Foundation and the Coca-Cola Company, participated in a site visit on the Tahoe National Forest August 8-10, hosted by Tahoe National Forest and the NFF. The event brought together corporate and public-sector parties interested in the potential that watershed restoration projects hold. 

Discussions were robust and the restored watersheds that participants saw were as inspiring as they were illustrative. The corporate sustainability professionals and other participants were able to learn how and why the Forest Service is restoring and prioritizing watershed restoration; the Forest Service and National Forest Foundation now have a better understanding of those corporations’ and public-sector attendees’ interests and goals around water sustainability. These concepts, and the relationships that were developed between the Forest Service and participating corporate and public-sector leaders, will be further explored in the coming months.

Nine different companies, including Microsoft, Facebook, 3M, Target, Procter and Gamble, and more than 50 people in total were at the visit. 

Group photo from the morning of August 9, 2017 on the Tahoe National Forest.
Group photo from the morning of August 8, 2017 on the Tahoe National Forest. Photo courtesy of Coca-Cola Company.