HR: Pay guidance for pay period 2

HR: Pay guidance for pay period 2

Washington, DC—Human Resources Management is sending out emails and updating their website with information about post-furlough time and attendance, leave, and other items. Please visit the HR website if you have questions or need assistance.

Updates for time and attendance for pay period 2.

What You Need to Know

  • If you are not submitting any corrected T&As, you can submit your T&A for Pay Period 2 as early as Monday, Feb. 4, but no later than Tuesday, Feb. 5.
  • If you have to submit a corrected T&A for Pay Period 26 or Pay Period 1, the corrected T&As must be submitted and approved prior to submitting a T&A for Pay Period 2.  

Please note:  You do not need to submit a corrected T&A to adjust for job codes at this time, further instructions will be send out for these type of corrections.

What You Need to Do

Use the information provided below to code your T&A for Pay Period 2:

  • Exempt Employees:  Follow normal time coding procedures.
  • Excepted, Furloughed, and Partially Exempt Employees:

                   Week of Jan. 20-26:

  • Jan. 21 (Martin Luther King Jr. Holiday): Transaction Code (TC) 66 and Descriptor Code (DC) 21
  • Code all base hours to TC 01
  • DO NOT code any leave (annual, sick, compensatory time use, etc.) during the government shutdown
  • If authorized to work overtime, earn compensatory time, or earn credit hours use normal time coding procedures such as: TC 21 (overtime), TC 32 (compensatory time earned), or TC 29 (credit hours earned). 

Week of Jan. 27 – Feb. 2:

  • Use normal time coding procedures for any work performed or leave used. 

Help is Available

Open an HR Help case: by calling 1-877-372-7248, option 2, emailing (link sends e-mail), or via self-service on ConnectHR (link is external). For detailed instructions, visit the HR Help How-to Add a Case Guide.