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IITF leads the way at Conservation Congress held in Costa Rica

A man in jeans and a shirt looking through a pair of binoculars out in an urban forest in Costa Rica.
A participant at the Conservation Congress takes part in the photographic documentation portion of the events. Forest Service photo.

COSTA RICA — Jerry Bauer, biological scientist from the International Institute of Tropical Forestry in Puerto Rico led three major events at the XXI Congress of the Mesoamerican Society for Biology and Conservation and the VI International Conference of Partners in Flight. These events took place from October 30 through November 3 at San José, Costa Rica.

IITF technical support at the SMBC/PIF conference included: (1) a short-course in organization of environmental communications and digital marketing; (2) public relations; (3) press support at the conference; and, (4) video/photographic documentation, among others. IITF has collaborated with the SMBC since 1996, supporting their promotion of conservation in the neotropics through scientific research and the visual arts.

In addition, IITF wildlife scientist Dr. Wayne Arendt assisted Mesoamerican counterparts in the preparation of four scientific presentations given at the conference. More than 15 different topics, grouped in diverse thematic schemes, were presented. These topics included: global warming, biodiversity management, and biodiversitys socio-ecological and economic aspects. Bauer and his team led different workshops such as: conservation photography for scientists, and SMBC photography contest.

This last congressional event was an interactive dialogue presented by biologists, ecologists and photographers from Mesoamerica. About 700 biologists, conservationists, students and the general public from Mesoamerica attended.

The Mesoamerican Society for Biology and Conservation was formed in Honduras in January 1996 as a response by Central American countries to the lack of regional communication forums and similar platforms for professionals and students in the fields of biology and natural resources conservation.

The Society's mission is to promote an international exchange of knowledge, especially throughout Ibero-America, combining integrated training in human resources management, unmitigated dissemination of scientific research and a holistic approach through its consummate application to the conservation and enhancement of biological and cultural diversity of Mesoamerica. Through forums of great consequence, professionals, as well as the importance of their investigations, are recognized, as are burgeoning students from neighboring countries. Currently, the SMBC is composed of local chapters presiding in each of the Mesoamerican countries and also in Cuba and Colombia.

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