Leadership Corner

During National Police Week remember those we’ve lost

May 12th, 2017 at 11:00AM
Portrait photo of Tracy Perry
Tracy Perry, Director, Forest Service Law Enforcement and Investigations, USDA Forest Service

This year, National Police Week will officially occur May 15 - 21.

During National Police Week, we pay tribute to all law enforcement officers who have lost their lives in the line of duty. We also use this time to show our appreciation to those officers who continue to faithfully protect and serve our great Nation.

During this period, when we reflect on those we have lost, we should also remember that losing a law enforcement officer in the line of duty affects many people in the process – family, friends, coworkers, as well as the community at large. I ask that you take a moment to honor those who have lost a love one as well.

As the Director of Law Enforcement and Investigations for the Forest Service, I am extremely proud of the hard work and dedication our officers, agents, and administrative professionals display every day, while ensuring the safety of those who use our National Forest System lands.  Our mission is an essential one and all employees play a critical part in fulfilling it. As we perform our jobs, we do so with commitment to:

  • Safety as our highest priority
  • Developing and practicing a community policing type approach appropriate to the people and communities we serve  
  • Operating with uncompromising integrity
  • A professional, fair, and compassionate respect for the dignity of those we protect
  • Accountability for our actions and decisions
  • Demonstrating our commitment to diversity by ensuring that LEI is an organization where all feel welcome and valued
  • Recognizing the outstanding accomplishments of our personnel

If you get the chance this week, I encourage you to visit the Officer Down Memorial Page, US Forest Service Fallen Officers, and pay tribute to all our officers who lost their lives in the line of duty. 

I thank all our Law Enforcement and Investigations employees, who continue to serve with honor and integrity, for their courage, dedication, sacrifice and commitment to keeping our National Forest System lands and communities safe.