Leadership Corner

Our place in the Story of Conservation

March 1st, 2019 at 10:15AM

For more than 100 years, the Forest Service has brought people and communities together to answer the call of conservation. Grounded in world-class science and technology–and rooted in communities–the Forest Service connects people to nature and each other. As a Federal agency in service to the American people, the Forest Service cares for shared natural resources in ways that promote lasting economic, ecological, and social vitality. In doing this, the agency supports nature in sustaining life.

Conservation depends on all of us doing our part

Being a good neighbor and building relationships with the people and communities we serve as employees of the Forest Service is most effective when we can explain what we do in the context of what they care about. As we engage with people all over the country, we hear time and again that they care about nature and recognize the many ways in which it serves their needs and enriches their lives.

Ultimately, this story is a contemporary articulation of what Gifford Pinchot wrote more than a century ago, told in a way that resonates with people in today’s world. It anchors to what we hear people say they care about–nature–and why it matters to them.

Nature matters...

Whether it’s a forest, a family farm, or a tree on the corner, we are drawn to nature, and nature is part of all of us. It connects us to each other and to the bigger world around us.

...and, nature provides

Our country’s natural resources have always been a source of strength, enjoyment, and pride. Every living thing relies on nature. But our natural resources are not unlimited, and they face significant challenges that affect all of us.

We can make it last for everyone in the long run...

It’s important to take care of our shared natural resources by using, protecting, and restoring them today to ensure they’ll still be here to provide for tomorrow. That’s what conservation is all about.

...if we take care of it together

Conservation depends on all of us seeing and doing our part. It’s about diverse groups of people coming together, learning from each other, and finding common ground. Together, we can take care of nature as nature takes care of us.