Leadership Corner

Reinforcing our values in light of the events at Charlottesville

August 18th, 2017 at 11:30AM

Chief Tom Tidwell News of the tragic event and aftermath that stemmed from an eruption of hate in Charlottesville Virginia, last weekend gives us the opportunity to reinforce our values on equality and race.

It’s unfortunate, but each new generation at some point confronts the pockets of dangerous hatred that simmer beneath our society and spew forth while most of us strive to fulfill America’s promise of equality for all.

As I examine my own actions to ensure they match the values I espouse, I also think of the Forest Service’s efforts to create a diverse organization where every employee and citizen experiences a safe and inclusive environment. 

At the Forest Service, we must strive to treat each individual with respect and dignity, shunning any form of hate, discrimination or disparagement; appreciating the cultures, backgrounds and differences that make up our successful organization.

Every employee must receive equal opportunity to achieve their full potential; every individual must be welcomed to enjoy these public lands, services and benefits they offer.  

I ask you to respond to this recent tragedy with a greater dedication to these values.

Let us join with so many other Americans, taking what was meant for evil and turning it toward a greater good.

Chief Tidwell