Leadership Corner

USDA Forest Service Job Corps Civilian Conservation Centers to remain under Forest Service operation

June 21st, 2019 at 7:52AM
Portrait of Chief Christiansen in uniform.
Forest Service Chief Victoria Christiansen

I am following up on and sharing next steps on the news that the Forest Service will continue to operate Job Corps Civilian Conservation Corps Centers. Yesterday, USDA released the following statement:

“Following robust engagement with stakeholders and Members of Congress regarding the future of the USFS Job Corps Civilian Conservation Centers, USDA has notified DOL that the USFS will evaluate the feedback while reviewing its role in Job Corps management and operation. For the time being, USDA does not intend to transfer these centers to DOL to allow management to determine a pathway that will maximize opportunity and results for students, minimize disruptions, and improve overall performance and integrity. DOL and USFS will conduct a robust organizational review to determine the appropriate course of action keeping in mind the USFS mission, the students we serve, and the American taxpayers. As USDA looks to the future, it is imperative the USFS focuses on and prioritizes its core natural resource mission to improve the condition and resilience of our Nation’s forests.”

We are committed to enhancing the contributions our Job Corps CCCs make to the Forest Service mission and to the students they serve. In the spirit of our core values of service and interdependence, we will mobilize the resources we need to support each other in making Forest Service Jobs Corps CCCs a success.

I am grateful for the integrity, work ethic and professionalism of those of you working in Job Corps CCCs across the nation and of the Forest Service workforce as a whole. Going forward, it will be critical we continue to demonstrate these qualities as we work diligently on the organizational review of our Jobs Corps CCCs. We will focus on measuring our performance and implementing reforms to serve our students and help knit Jobs Corps’ activities tighter into the fabric of the Forest Service’s core mission. Our review will build on the improvements we have been making to the program over the past 5 years.  

Our agency core values of conservation and service will help us pinpoint the metrics by which we will measure the program and the reforms needed to better align the Jobs Corps CCCs with our mission.

We will work closely with USDA and the U.S. Department of Labor as we build our path forward, we will keep you informed. I am very proud of the employees and students at the Forest Service Jobs Corps CCCs.