CFO: Reminder to Provide Receipts in ConcurGov

Header: Chief Financial Officer Organization Important Notice.

Repeated audits have found that USDA Forest Service travelers are not always attaching receipts with the rest of their travel documents as required by the Internal Revenue Service income tax code. The reservation itinerary does not suffice as the receipt and does not automatically flow back into ConcurGov.

Per Federal Travel Regulation 41 CFR, paragraph 301-11.25 – Must I provide receipts to substantiate my claimed travel expenses?
Yes! You must provide a lodging receipt and a receipt for every authorized expense over $75 or provide a reason acceptable to your agency explaining why you are unable to furnish the necessary receipt(s).

What will happen if you do not include receipts
To ensure proper receipts are loaded into ConcurGov, the system will now create a new message called HARD FAIL Pre-Audit if you do not load receipts into ConcurGov for airfare, car rental, lodging, and any other expense you incur over $75. This will prevent you from finalizing your voucher until you have uploaded all the proper receipts.

What you need to do
Please make sure you attach and upload all required receipts with your travel documentation.

Help is available
If you have questions or need assistance, please do any one of the following:

  • Submit an eTicket
  • Open a B&F Help ticket through ConnectHR
  • Call the Albuquerque Service Center B&F Contact Center at 877-372-7248
    • Hours of operation: Monday through Friday, 8:15 am ‒ 4:15 pm Mountain Time