CIO: Computer Life Cycle Refresh Program and Computer Exception Information

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The Chief Information Office has implemented an agency-wide computer Life Cycle Refresh Program. Through LCR implementation, the CIO can ensure that standard computers will be issued to all FS employees and replaced on a regular basis. In addition, the LCR Program allows for exceptions, and employees may be granted an exception based on position requirements that exceed the capabilities of a standard computer.



The Life Cycle Refresh Program requires the CIO to fund and execute computer replacement every five (5) years to ensure the FS is maintaining the most current security and operational standards available. In addition, LCR enables our Agency to comply with the implementation of the Federal Information Technology Acquisition Reform Act under “category management,” where spending is managed by common categories to promote governmentwide best practices and help agencies avoid unnecessary duplicative spending and activities. Therefore, CIO will manage the funding and procurement of all agency computers.


Shifting computer replacement oversight and accountability to the CIO will increase fiscal transparency, reduce support costs, and enable the Agency to achieve greater efficiencies in service delivery. Computer replacements should meet the business needs for most of our Agency employees. However, certain employees, such as those in the scientific or geospatial communities, may need to upgrade to higher performance computers, based on the work required of their position. The CIO will review and agree to computer exceptions based on valid business requirements and with the approval of the employee’s supervisor and line officer. Please note that in granting an exception, the type or model of computer the user previously had is not necessarily a deciding factor.


Computer Exception Process

For users who have documented business requirements for advanced processing, please review and follow the Exception Program instructions.


The Exception Request must be completed, approved, electronically signed by the requesting employee’s supervisor and line officer, and attached to the computer request in the Asset Ordering Tool. Please note that an upgraded computer costs twice as much as a standard computer, so the CIO is requesting your assistance to ensure the need is properly documented, justified, and approved.


What you need to do

  • If you receive an email that you have a computer eligible for replacement under the LCR Program, please follow the process on the Life Cycle Refresh Program web page and submit your replacement request as soon as possible.
  • If you have a need for an exception, first follow the process on the Exception Program website. Then, follow the instructions under How To Acquire/Request Service> The Process section, which includes information about user requirements where a PC exception is appropriate and the required Computer Replacement Exception Form.

What you need to know

Help is available

For questions, feedback, or concerns about the Life Cycle Refresh Program, please email the FS-Asset Management team.


For technical help call the Customer Help Desk at 1-866-945-1354 (TTY: 1-800-877-8339), start a chat with an agent, or type the full KBA number or “keywords” in double quotes into the Search box on the Customer Help Desk site to find helpful knowledge management documents.


The CIO is committed to providing reasonable accommodation in all of its activities, services, and programs for individuals with disabilities. If you require reasonable accommodation in accessing and using the information contained in this email, please email CIO News.

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