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The main point

The Chief Information Office encourages all employees to check the email address they’ve been assigned by using this email validation tool.


Employees shouldn’t assume their new email address is the same as their email address – in all cases, the format for the new email addresses is different. The part that comes before the @ (commonly referred to as the “shortname”) is different in your email address. The shortname is used in email addresses but is not used in the new addresses, so simply adding after your current shortname isn’t a valid email address for you.


What you need to do

  • Take a moment now to see your new email address using this email validation tool.
  • Your new email address is based on your legal name on file with Human Resources Management and is in a different format than your address. If you find your new email address is incorrect in the email validation tool (for example, your name is misspelled), please use the Request to Change or Correct OneUSDA email address form or contact the Customer Help Desk to request a “OneUSDA Email Correction”. Requests to change your email address based purely on a personal preference won’t be accepted (for example, you just don’t like your new address or you don’t want your full name or middle initial used).
  • Be on the lookout for email notifications in April or May from the OneUSDA Email project team regarding important information about transitioning to as your primary email address and your specific transition date. Your email is working now, but for most employees, it is a secondary email address. The CIO is transitioning all employees in April and May to their email address as their primary email address. The project team is sending targeted emails to user groups as each user group is scheduled for the transition.
  • If you have not already changed your email signature block to reflect your email address, please take a moment now to do so by using the email signature generator or by following the instructions in KBA00106759: FS: Email: OneUSDA Email Support MASTER.
  • For additional project information, including a list of frequently asked questions, visit the project web page

Help is available

For questions related to how the OneUSDA unified email initiative might impact an application you manage, or for general questions about the timeline or scope of the project, please email the OneUSDA email team.

For technical help call the Customer Help Desk at 1-866-945-1354 (TTY: 1-800-877-8339), start a chat with a CHD agent, or type the full KBA number or “keywords” in double quotes into the Search box on the CHD site to find helpful knowledge management documents.

The CIO is committed to providing reasonable accommodation in all of its activities, services, and programs for individuals with disabilities. If you require reasonable accommodation in accessing and using the information contained in this email, please email CIO News.

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