Greening Fire Team: Message from Greening Fire Team Leadership

Header: National Greening Team
Portrait photo: Woman in FS uniform
Lara Buluc, sustainable operations/co-climate change coordinator, USDA Forest Service

As wildfires increase in frequency and severity, the resources required to support such fires also increase. Such resources are generally thought of in terms of inputs (human capital, funding, and equipment), but it also important to consider the downstream outputs, such as solid waste.

For more than a decade, the National Greening Fire Team has supported the goal of reducing incident resource consumption.

Portrait photo: Man with dog; waterfalls on the background
Dennis Fiore, cooperative fire program manager/prevention coordinator, USDA Forest Service

This fire year, we have a unique opportunity to leverage two new tools that will foster innovation and promote operational and resource efficiency:

  • Department of Energy National Renewable Energy Laboratory report Opportunities for Energy, Water, and Waste Reduction at U.S. Forest Service Fire Camps
  • On-site Incident Recycling Blanket Purchase Agreement

Incident response is a multi-organizational effort spanning jurisdictions, agencies, and sectors. Similarly, reduction in the operational footprint of incidents will require support from all who serve.

We look forward to hearing from those who tested sustainability measures this fire season.

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