HR: Recent grads, student interns hiring event deadline extended

WASHINGTON, DC—Because of the government shutdown, the deadline to request positions to be included in the Student Intern and Recent Graduate — Society of Range Management Hiring Event has been extended until Feb. 22.

The Forest Service is hiring student interns and recent graduates through the Pathways Program as part of the 2019 Society of Range Management (link is external) annual meeting. The meeting took place Feb. 10–14 in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The Forest Service was available to answer questions.

Applications will only be accepted through (link is external).

  • Student Intern/Recent Graduate application period: March 6–15
  • Merit candidate application period: March 6–19

Student Intern Positions (undergraduate and graduate)

  • rangeland management, soil scientist or wildlife biologist—GS-0499-03/04/05 with conversion to GS-05/07/09
  • archeologist—GS-0199-05/07 with conversion to GS-0193-09
  • physical sciences (hydrology, geology, etc.)—GS-1399-03/04/05 with conversion to GS-07/09

Recent Graduate Positions
Agency-wide merit promotion announcements will also be advertised for the following positions:

  • rangeland management specialist—GS-05/07 conversion to GS-0454-07/09
  • soil scientist—GS-05/07 with conversion to GS-0470-07/09
  • wildlife biologist—GS-05/07 with conversion to GS-0486-07/09
  • hydrologist—GS-05/07 with conversion to GS-1315-07/09
  • geologist—GS-05/07 with conversion to GS-1350-07/09
  • range technician—GS-04/05 with conversion to GS-0455-06 or above
  • archeologist—GS-07 with conversion to GS-0193-09
  • civil engineer—GS-05/07 with conversion to GS-0810-07/09

What You Need to Do

Submit requests for positions using the Hiring and Workforce Planning Tool (link is external) (via ConnectHR (link is external)) by Feb. 22, 2019. For access questions, contact your Human Resources Officer.

Please select “Pathways” as the appointment type, and limit to series and grade range listed above.

Visit the National Collective Recruitment and Hiring webpage for position description numbers and additional information.

Help is Available

If you have questions about the hiring event, please contact Doug Crosbie at (link sends e-mail).