HR: Verify your payroll deductions

WASHINGTON, DC—You need to review your Earnings and Leave Statements to verify your deductions. Your ELS is available through the Employee Personal Page.

Some payroll deductions for Pay Periods 26 (2018) through Pay Period 2 (2019) may not have been deducted as normal, especially if you received partial payments.

Your upcoming paycheck amount may vary based on the deductions taken.

  • If deductions did not occur, your upcoming paycheck amounts will be smaller than normal because of the “make up” deductions that need to be processed.
  • If deduction amounts were higher than normal, your upcoming paycheck amounts will be more than usual. 

The deductions affected are:

  • Federal Employees Health Benefits
  • Flexible Spending Accounts
  • BENEFEDS (dental and vision)
  • Union dues
  • Financial allotments and garnishments
  • Combined Federal Campaign

What You Need to Do

If you have questions, contact HRM.

You need to review your ELS each pay period to verify your deductions were processed correctly. Your ELS is available through EPP.

FEHB: You are covered by your health insurance elections even if the deductions did not occur as normal. A debt will be generated and notices will be mailed to inform you of when the deductions will start and the amount to be deducted per pay period. You can also view the debt in EPP. You are encouraged to allow these payments to be automatically deducted from your paycheck to take advantage of the pre-tax benefit.

FSA and BENEFEDS: No action is required. Deductions will automatically be recalculated for the remainder of the calendar year.

Union dues: No action is required at this time; updated guidance will be shared soon.

Financial allotments and garnishments: You will need to make any missed payments. These payments will not be recalculated or retroactively deducted from your paycheck.

CFC: The CFC has been extended until Feb. 22. Deductions will begin between Pay Period 2 and 5. You should evaluate how the change will impact your W2s for the 2019 tax year and make changes if necessary in EPP.

Help is Available

Open an HR Help case: by calling 1-877-372-7248, option 2, emailing sends e-mail)(link sends e-mail) (link sends e-mail), or via self-service on ConnectHR(link is external)(link is external) (link is external). For detailed instructions, visit the HR Help How-to Add a Case Guide.

Human Resources Management continues to send out emails and update their website with information about post-furlough time and attendance, leave, and other items. Please visit the HR website if you have questions or need assistance.