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Employee Personal Page (EPP) – Update your contact information
EPP allows you to add your personal email address (in addition to your official work email address) to receive notifications for forgotten user IDs, temporary passwords, Employee Self-Service confirmation notices, and other important information. It is recommended to enter a personal email address in case you do not have access to your Forest Service computer or email. For instructions on how to add your personal email address, refer to the EPP: Add Personal Email Addresses guide.

Time coding for federal holidays and weather and safety leave
Weather and safety leave is a new type of leave enacted under the Administrative Leave Act of 2016. Previously, when an office closed due to inclement weather or other emergency situations, employees who were excused from work would charge the time to administrative leave. Now, employees are required, under law, to use weather and safety leave (5 U.S.C. 6329c). Because of this change, it is important to properly code federal holidays.

  • Time coding for federal holidays (use this to properly code time for the Veteran’s Day holiday on Nov. 11):
    • Employees must use DC-21 with TC-66 when coding time for federal holidays:
      • Code DC-21/TC-66 when excused from work on a federal holiday.
      • Code TC-31 and DC-21/TC-66 when required to work on a federal holiday.
    • Employees may no longer code federal holidays as TC-66.
  • Time coding for weather and safety leave:
    • Employees must use weather and safety leave when excused by an authorized official due to inclement weather or other emergency situation.
    • Code weather and safety leave to Descriptor Code (DC) 34 and Transaction Code (TC) 66 (DC-34/TC-66) in Paycheck8.
    • Employees may no longer code regular administrative leave (TC-66) alone and must use the appropriate Descriptor Code to distinguish other types of leave from regular administrative leave.

Submit your Time & Attendance (T&A) Report on time
Submit your T&A by 5 p.m. Central Time the Tuesday following the end of the pay period. Submitting/approving T&As by this deadline ensures employees are paid on time. Employees may experience a delay in getting paid if their T&A is submitted after the Tuesday deadline.

Employees and supervisors should also review T&As carefully each pay period for accuracy. HRM has created a T&A Guide for Supervisors to assist employees and supervisors on what to review on the T&A each pay period.

Refer to the National Finance Center pay period calendar for important dates.

The Work Number income and employment verification is available
The Work Number is now available in ConnectHR; however, if you are using the Internet Explorer browser you may receive a pop-up error stating, “Your browser does not support sandboxed iframes. Please upgrade to a modern browser.”  Click ok and the application will operate as normal or use another approved browser such as Edge or Chrome to access the application.  

The Work Number provides a secure and convenient way to authorize third-party verifiers (like lenders, landlords, social service agencies, and prospective employers) to verify income and employment. Employees must request this information to provide to the third party.

Help Is available
Open an HR Help case:

For detailed instructions, visit the HR Help How-to Add a Case Guide.