HRM: Important Time & Attendance (T&A) Reminders

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Important Time & Attendance (T&A) Reminders

  • Employees who telework need to code telework hours in Paycheck8 as follows:
    • Regular telework (core): Descriptor Code 11, Transaction Code 01
    • Unscheduled (situational) telework: Descriptor Code 17, Transaction Code 01
  • Employees must submit T&As on their last workday of the pay period.
  • Supervisors must review and approve T&As no later than 5 p.m. (CDT) Tuesday (following the end of the previous pay period).
  • Employees may experience a delay in getting paid if their T&A is submitted after the deadline.
  • Refer to the T&A Guide for Supervisors to assist employees and supervisors in reviewing T&As.

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