HRM: Nominations for the 2020 Service to America Medals

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Nominations for the 2020 Samuel J. Heyman Service to America Medals (Sammies) are due Jan. 17. Please refer to the Nomination Details and Nomination FAQs for more information.


The Sammies honors federal employees who have demonstrated a strong commitment to public service within their government field through accomplishments that are innovative, of significant impact, and/or meet a critical need for our nation. The following are categories of consideration:

  • Federal Employee of the Year
  • Career Achievement
  • Emerging Leaders
  • Safety and Law Enforcement
  • Management Excellence
  • National Security and International Affairs
  • Science and Environment

*The Federal Employee of the Year Award is chosen by the Sammie selection committee from among the group of finalists. Nominations are not accepted directly for this category.


All nominations must be submitted online at the Sammie website. Please ensure you are following the guidelines, and also email an electronic copy of the nomination to Human Resources Management (HRM) Awards staff (, or by Jan. 17.


Contact the HRM Awards staff at, or