HRM: Pay raise for 2020

What You Need to Know

General schedule employees (including Law Enforcement Officers) will receive a 2.6% basic pay raise in 2020 in addition to the locality rate increase (varies by location). The pay raise will be effective as of pay period 1, 2020 (Jan. 5–18).

For additional information on the GS pay raise and new locality rates, visit the Office of Personnel Management webpages: January 2020 pay adjustment and GS pay tables.

Federal Wage Service (wage grade) are handled separately from the GS pay raise. For more information, visit OPM’s website at Federal Wage System.

Senior Executive Service, scientists and senior leader salary increases are performance based and will be managed by USDA.

What You Need to Do

Review your Earnings and Leave Statement each pay period. Review your pay period 1 earnings statement closely to validate accuracy of your pay, state income tax withholdings, Federal Employees Group Life Insurance, Federal Employees Health Benefits and other deductions. If you find an error, contact HRM immediately to request a correction. To access your earnings statement, please visit the Employee Personal Page.

Help Is Available

Open an HR Help case:

For detailed instructions, visit the HR Help How-to Add a Case Guide.