CIO—Oct. 29: Adobe Acrobat Pro DC transition

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By Oct. 29, 2019, all Forest Service Adobe Acrobat Pro DC users will need to transition from an Adobe ID to an Enterprise ID to ensure their Adobe access will not be lost. 

What You Need To Do

Please follow the instructions below to complete the transition to an Enterprise ID:

1.    Open Adobe Acrobat DC.
2.    Click on the Help tab.
3.    Click on Sign in/Sign out:
a.    If you are signed in with an Adobe ID (including and emails) then sign out.

Visual of the help window for Adobe Acrobat Pro DC.

4.    Go back to Help tab and click Sign in.
5.    Enter your email address and click on Sign In (No Password Required).
6.    Click on Enterprise ID.

a.    NOTE: Some users may not see this step and will be automatically signed in.

Acrobat's Enterprise ID sign-in window.

7.    If the License Agreement appears, click on Accept. 

Screen capture of the Adobe licensing agreement.

8.    You will be automatically signed into Acrobat Pro DC.

Signing in to Adobe loading window screen capture.

9.    Once you receive the “Thank You” screen, click on continue.

Screen cap of thank you window for Adobe sign-in.


NOTE: Ways to ensure that you are signed in with your Enterprise ID:

1.    You do not see a trial message.
2.    You did not have to enter a password to gain access.
3.    You were signed in automatically after clicking “sign in”.

More Information

For more information, please refer to the CHD Knowledge Base Article, KBA00085198 Adobe Acrobat Pro DC.

Help is Available

Please contact the Customer Help Desk (CHD) if you cannot transition your account with these instructions.

For technical help or Software Center errors, please call the Customer Help Desk at 1-866-945-1354 (TTY: 1-800-877-8339), start a chat with an agent, or type the full KBA number or “keywords” in double quotes into the Search box on the Customer Help Desk site to find helpful knowledge management documents.

If you are unable to resolve with CHD, please send an email to with the subject “Adobe Acrobat DC.” Make sure to include CHD ticket number. Also, attach screenshots and explain the issues you encountered with the transition.

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