OneUSDA next steps: New email addresses

WASHINGTON, DC—As part of the OneUSDA initiative, all Forest Service employees now have a USDA email address ending in You must update your signature block by Nov. 16.

Your address is already added to your Outlook account but isn’t immediately replacing your current Forest Service email address. For now, you’ll continue to send email using your Forest Service email. When you receive email via your new USDA address, it will route to your Forest Service account.

CIO intends that all email accounts will transition entirely to USDA extensions for both sending and receiving messages by spring 2019. Keep an eye out for further messages as this transition progresses over the coming year. Additional information and resources are also posted on the CIO website.

This upcoming change impacts all communication materials where emails are listed, including mobile email signature blocks, website content and business cards.

Ensure you’re prepared by doing the following:

If you have further questions related to the transition, please send an email to the OneUSDA Email project team.