USDA: 5 Weeks of Feedback

Final Week! Celebrated - Five Weeks of Feedback AND Vote on the Name of the Site

As USDA employees, we are passionate about public service. We are part of a team of more than 100,000 dedicated employees across 29 agencies and offices and 4,500+ locations, all working together to serve the American people. We want to share and learn, hear and be heard. That is why we are developing an internal site for you – about you – featuring you! The future site will be a place for ALL USDA employees to connect with one another, communicate with leadership and celebrate the ways we serve the public. 

As we build this site, we want to make sure we’re creating something that works for you and meets your needs. So, we’re kicking off Five Weeks of Feedback – your chance to tell us how the new site should look, what it should do and how it can best serve you. Each Wednesday from March 27 to April 30, we’ll feature a new theme, highlight a USDA employee’s story and ask you to fill out a quick survey on the campaign’s webpage. And those who are interested can sign up for even more ways to get involved in shaping the all-employee site. Make sure your voice is heard!  

If you have any questions about this campaign or the all-employee site, reach out to your agency or staff office customer experience champion or email    

OneUSDA Spotlight

Five Weeks of Feedback is your chance to tell us how USDA’s future all-employee site can best serve you.  It’s week five (our LAST week!), and we’re talking to Regan Hopper of Food and Nutrition Service (FNS) about celebrating the work we do.  Weigh in at, and you’ll also get to vote on the name of the site.  It’s the final of the Five Weeks, so let’s finish strong!  Can anyone can beat NASS, last week’s highest responding agency?

A picture of Regan Hopper and two other family members.

First and foremost, I am a mom. My kids are my everything.”  Regan Hopper, like many USDA employees, is a devoted parent, and that’s something she carries with her throughout all of her days.  “Even though they are now 13 and 11, I continue to learn more about being a mom every day. There’s no instruction book and it’s ever-changing!” 

In some ways, public service is a lot like being a parent.  Every day, we have to assess where things are and find ways to provide help and assistance.  “In my career,” she reflected, “I’ve gravitated toward communications because I like to talk so much!  So, I serve by finding ways to explain things that help people make connections.  I find it so meaningful.” 

As an internal communications specialist for FNS, a Customer Experience (CX) Champion at USDA, and a mom, “One thing that has become clear to me is that people just want the opportunity to do their best.  At USDA, we are all bound together by our innate passion to help others. All of our work enhances and improves the lives of those we serve.  That is something that deserves to be celebrated every day, across all of USDA.”  

How do you like to celebrate the ways you and your colleagues serve others?  Tell us at