USDA: Reminder of available ethics resources

WASHINGTON, D.C.—Please see the below memorandum from Stephen A. Vaden, USDA’s general counsel, and Stuart Bender, director of USDA’s Office of Ethics, reminding employees of the many resources provided to you by USDA’s Office of Ethics.

Integrity and ethical conduct are fundamental to the important work conducted by all Department of Agriculture employees across our nation. During the COVID-19 outbreak, whether you are working remotely or your job requires you to be on the frontlines to ensure the nation’s food safety and continuity of the food supply infrastructure, each of us must be unwavering in our personal and professional commitment to exemplary ethics so that we can live up to USDA’s motto to “Do right and feed everyone.”

For employees who have ethics or Hatch Act questions, the USDA Office of Ethics reminds you that, as always, Office of Ethics advisors and a full array of electronic long-distance Ethics resources are available to assist you. Please read the memorandum below for further information about how to contact the Office of Ethics and access these important resources.