USDA: USDA’s Mobile Ethics application is even better

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USDA’s Upgraded Ethics App is now available. USDA’s groundbreaking Ethics resource.  Significantly upgraded with tons of trailblazing new features, the USDA Ethics App has become even more interactive and provides more resources for YOU. The Ethics App is freely available to all USDA and Federal employees.

Among the many upgrades to the USDA Ethics App are:

  • Ethics Updates: Current ethics information about things you need to know every time you open the App
  • The Federal government’s first Ethics Game: Test Your Knowledge as you navigate a Federal employee’s career from the first day through promotions to retirement.
  • Ethics One-Pagers: Now readily available right at your fingertips
  • Even More Ethics Videos: New additions to the existing Video Library include even more content: more than a dozen short videos, the animated video, Ethics Illustrated: How to Avoid Conflicts of Interest, and other informative new videos

Of course, the Ethics Library, Video Library, FAQs and Ethics Forms are still available on the upgraded Ethics App. To download the Ethics App, simply search “USDA Ethics” on Android or Apple devices. 

Questions:  Contact the USDA Office of Ethics at: