Remembering Janine Daniels

Portrait of Janine Daniels in front of American and Forest Service flags.
Janine Daniels, executive assistant, Southwestern Region. USDA Forest Service photo.

Janine Daniels passed away on Sept. 17. Janine had served as the executive assistant in the Southwestern Regional Office since 2009. We will greatly miss her smile, laughter and contributions to the region.

Janine had a zest for life, coupled with tremendous love and devotion to her friends, co-workers and, especially, her family. She is survived by her husband Rich and daughter Abby, as well as her in-laws and extended family. She cherished opportunities to engage with others, and when gatherings were paired with food, all the better. Janine was the pot-luck queen. She filled our stomachs with her tasty meals and our souls with her laughter and kindness.

As a lifelong community servant, Janine was dedicated to helping those around her. At times it seemed she cared more about others than herself. She had a knack for knowing when something was wrong with co-workers and always reached out to extend her friendship, support and counsel. She was kindhearted and accepting of others, willing to listen and had a way of helping you feel better.

Janine was a fearless warrior. With dignity, courage and tenacity she engaged in a 17-year war against cancer. Throughout her valiant fight she maintained a sense of humor and optimism. She is an inspiration to us all. Janine wanted to be remembered for how she lived, what she loved and the works of her life.

Well done, Janine. Thank you for enriching our lives. We will carry you in our hearts. May you rest in comfort and peace.