2019 FS CFC Update – It's All in the Numbers

WASHINGTON, D.C. – The 2019 Combined Federal Campaign kicked off last week in a Halloween festive affair. Research and Development Deputy Area is providing leadership to CFC, led by Sharon Parker, Ph.D., mission area coordinator. The theme for the 2019 is “Show Some Love.”

New to CFC is the option to contribute to the monetary goal through volunteerism.  Parker and her team of keyworkers are encouraging FS employees to volunteer to surpass all other Departments, agencies, mission areas in volunteer hours. Agencies participating in CFC will assign the dollar value to time volunteered. Go online at cfcna.org to sign up; the unit code for the Forest Service is Z032.

The 2019 regular target goal for the Forest Service is $46,388.98. The stretch goal is $60,045.20. To reach our goals, the Forest Service’s CFC team is hosting a Volunteer Fair on Thursday, November 21 from 10 a.m. – noon. The Volunteer Fair will be held at Yates building’s Promenade in Washington, D.C. Other CFC related events happening this month will be a Silent Auction on Monday, December 9 in the R&D Deputy Area and a bake sale at an upcoming to be announced date.

The 2019 CFC ends in January 2020.

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CFC - Show Some Love