Aerial pesticide training

CALIFORNIA — Starting April 3, 2018, the Forest Health Assessment and Applied Sciences Team and staff from Forest Health Protection held a three-day Aerial Pesticide Application Training in cooperation with the University of California Davis. The course included classroom and hands-on training sessions with access to aircraft and application equipment. Staff from the Forest Service, state agencies and private industry were trained in a number of aspects of aerial spray project work, including the basics of spraying, drift and deposition modelling, aircraft and avionics, project management and contracting, pesticide selection, label interpretation, safety and the use of personal protective equipment.

This session is a western follow up to a similar training held in Michigan in 2017, and it may be offered again in the future.

Photo: A group of people standing on tarmac around air tractor listen to Serena discuss air safety.
Dave Serena, aviation safety inspector for the Northeastern Area and Region 9, discusses aircraft safety and inspection with the class. Forest Service photo by John Kyhl.