Celebrating International Day of Forests

WASHINGTON, DC — March 21 was United Nations' International Day of Forests. This year’s theme, Forests and Sustainable Cities, highlighted the role of trees outside forests and how they improve people’s lives. The International Programs office and others commemorated the day by showcasing Forest Service stories at official UN ceremonies, in publications and through community outreach and events. Here are some of the many ways the agency marked the day:

Global Events

In Washington, DC, International Programs hosted partners from Chicago’s Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum for a live webinar on urban conservation education, as well as shared examples of international ecosystems and migratory species at Maury Elementary’s STEM Expo School Night.

In Rome, Mike DiBerardinis, managing director for the city of Philadelphia and Forest Service partner, shared Philadelphia’s urban forestry planning at the UN Food and Agriculture Organization. Accompanying the event, a new FAO publication features successful Forest Service models from Philadelphia and Phoenix.

Along with many other online events celebrating the day, Kathleen Wolf, Pacific Northwest Research Station, conducted a webinar, hosted by Corozón Latino, on Trees, Cities, and Human Health.

And the New York City urban field research station’s partnership with city parks was featured on the UN’s Facebook page.

New Articles & Tools

Photo: Forests near New York City. City skyline is in the distance.
Forests surrounding and within New York City provide many ecosystem services to urban residents. Forest Service photo.

International Program’s work in Cairo, Egypt, to design and implement urban rooftop garden systems was featured through Forest Service social media. The Urban Partnerships and Outreach team kicked off a global youth project, connecting youth from cities around the world through their art. The project will be shared later in the year at FAO’s World Forum on Urban Forests.

In Mexico, USDA Forest Service and the Davey Tree Expert Company marked the occasion by announcing the release of a new national Spanish version of i-Tree Eco.

Thank you to all Forest Service colleagues who organized and participated in this year’s celebration of the importance of the world’s forests. If you know of any other Forest Service-organized events related to International Day of Forests, please email Aysha Ghadiali and let us know how you commemorated the day!