Chief Tooke visits Albuquerque

Chief Tooke discusses his five priorities for the Forest Service at meeting in Albuquerquem N.M. Forest Service photo.

NEW MEXICO — Chief Tooke hosted a meeting for all Forest Service employees in the Albuquerque area Oct. 30. More than 600 employees gathered in person and virtually to meet Chief Tooke.

Chief Tooke talked about his five priorities for the Forest Service and how each employee can contribute to these priorities to make our agency the best it can be. He stressed the importance of collaboration and learning to work differently by embracing diverse thoughts. In closing, he told employees that he understands that trust is not automatically given, but earned, and he kindly asked employees for a chance to earn our trust.

The audience included many areas across the Forest Service, including members of the Chief Financial Office, Chief Information Office, Human Resources Management, Southwest Regional Office, Cibola National Forest, WO-Acquisition Management, Enterprise, Office of Regulatory Management Services, Law Enforcement & Investigations and Civil Rights.