Enabling Shared Stewardship across landscapes

CALIFORNIA – Our Shared Stewardship Strategy encourages cross-boundary collaboration with partners; however, it is often challenging to identify all stewards and stakeholders across a landscape of interest. STEW-MAP is a mapping and assessment tool developed by Northern Research Station scientists that inventories, analyzes and illuminates stewardship capacity and connections across a landscape. It enables more effective long and short-term planning, emergency response and outreach and public engagement on a wide variety of issues, leading to stronger outcomes.

STEW-MAP projects have been completed in over a dozen cities worldwide and now, with support and leadership from the Angeles National Forest, Pacific Southwest Research Station and R5 State & Private Forestry, the tool is being deployed on the Angeles National Forest (Los Angeles River Watershed) to support priority projects. Additional applications on mosaic landscapes anchored by a National Forest are also being explored in other parts of the country. In New York City, results from STEW-MAP are being made operational by city agencies and partners to achieve everything from volunteer tree maintenance to disaster resilience planning.  

STEW-MAP has the potential to identify capacities and support efforts for shared stewardship in many landscapes.  

Screen grab: STEW-MAP functionality
Screen grab of the STEW-MAP functionality showing some of the areas where STEW-MAP has been deployed.