Fire & Aviation Mgt: 2019 Field Command School application dates extended

USDA Forest Service, Fire and Aviation Management is excited to announce the alpha test for a Field Command School, which has been designed to address the national need for Incident Management Team succession. The goal of the Field Command School is to provide an efficient avenue for IMT succession, to address the national shortage of Command and General Staff positions and Agency Administrators, as well as build well-qualified national IMT’s; starting at the Type 3 level.

Both operational and non-operational functional (safety, logistics, public information, finance etc.) areas positions are available to apply to. The time commitment, if accepted into the program, is 6 months starting with a 3-week field school beginning May 20,2019. Travel, training and salary, beyond base time, will be covered under a special project code. The time commitment is intended to provide a window, allowing the student(s) to be available for a minimum of one training assignment at a Type 1 or Type 2 level.

If you’re interested in getting involved in, or advancing in your incident management qualifications, please consider applying. This opportunity is open to all UDA Forest Service permanent employees and is limited to 54 students in 2019.

Due to unforeseen delays we are extending the application period

Applications are due March 19, 2019 and applicants will be notified by April 9, 2019.

This is a great opportunity and we look forward to seeing your application!

For further information on the program click on the links below or contact your Regional Training Officer.

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