Forest Service Law Enforcement celebrate Coffee with a Cop Day

WASHINGTON, D.C. – On Wednesday, October 2, Law Enforcement and Investigation employees joined together at a Coffee with a Cop event in many locations throughout the Forest Service.

In the Washington Office, approximately 200 Forest Service employees joined together at a Coffee with a Cop event in the Yates Building, Washington Office. LEI employees, including the Director, Deputy Director, two Assistant Directors, and two Special Agents participated in the event which was organized by the Director’s Executive Assistant. Several visitors from the USDA also attended to enjoy cups of coffee, donuts and excellent conversation. Many participants expressed appreciation for the opportunity to meet the LEI staff, become familiar with them, and learn how LEI personnel contribute to the mission of the Forest Service.

Since 2011, Coffee with a Cop is celebrated on the first Wednesday of October and provides a special opportunity for everyone to meet, share refreshments, and find commonalities in our work and other functional areas. The event originally launched in California, as the officers were looking for ways to interact more successfully with the citizens they served each day. Since its inception the event has spread to many locations all over the United States.

In addition to the Washington Office, LEI employees in locations throughout the Forest Service have participated in similar “Coffee with a Cop” community events. In Region 9, the event even took on a more local flavor and the event was redubbed Pop with a Cop and the region and forest LEI personnel along with other local law enforcement agencies participated in the events which are often held at community gatherings and fairs.

Members of the public have been appreciative of the opportunity to enjoy a bottle of pop or water while learning about the Forest Service and various types of activities on National Forest System lands. The event also was a great example of the Forest Service ability to build communities and to work together with diverse groups of people, learning from each other and finding common ground.

A men an two women share a laugh whie drinking coffee
Tracy Perry, director of Forest Service Law Enforcement and Investigations, shares stories and engages with participants at the Washington Office’s Coffee with a Cop Day event. USDA Forest Service photo by Cecilio Ricardo.