Third 2018 National New Employee Orientation a success

WASHINGTON, DC—The National New Employee Orientation program was developed to anchor new employees into the agency. The program is intended for all new permanent employees without prior Forest Service orientation training. NNEO is a collaborative effort between the Washington Office, Human Resources Management, and the regions.

The third orientation session of 2018 was co-hosted with the Southwestern Region July 17–19 in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Approximately 110 employees from across the Forest Service attended the session. Forest Service Chief of Staff Angela Coleman welcomed the group and shared her professional experiences.

NNEO was created to help new employees gain a deeper perspective into our agency culture, value and purpose. The program is designed to help employees network with each other and engage with leadership, as well as gain an understanding of how their careers contribute to the success of the Forest Service.

Panel sessions led by senior leadership were designed to give new employees an overview of Forest Service program areas, including current agency issues and priorities. The interactive three-day sessions included discussions on embracing diverse perspectives, building collaborative partnerships and actively contributing to shaping the future of the agency.

The next NNEO session is scheduled for October 16–18 in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Full-time permanent employees with less than two years in the Forest Service are urged to discuss with their supervisors the possibility of attending a future orientation. For more information, visit the Human Resources intranet page. Remember, the future is yours to develop in the Forest Service!

Photo: Emcee and participants stand in front of a classroom.
Emcee of the National Newcomers Employee Orientation in Albuquerque, New Mexico, conducts an orientation game on how we all take instructions differently. Forest Service photo by Cecilio Ricardo.
Photo: Members of leadership in Forest Service uniform speak at the front of a large classroom.
A leadership panel talks to new Forest Service employees at the National Newcomers Employee Orientation in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Forest Service photo by Cecilio Ricardo.