Agency scientists recognized with Deputy Chief’s Awards

WASHINGTON, DC — Research and Development Deputy Chief Carlos Rodriguez-Franco recognized four Forest Service scientists for their outstanding contributions to research and science delivery. Scientists were recognized in three award categories: Early Career Scientist, Distinguished Science and Science Delivery.

Sean Parks received the Early Career Scientist award, which recognizes scientists at the beginning of their research career who have demonstrated outstanding capability and exceptional promise for significant future achievement. He will also nominated for the 2017 Presidential Early Career Award for Scientists and Engineers, the highest honor that any young scientist or engineer can receive in the United States. 

Parks is a research ecologist with the Rocky Mountain Research Station Aldo Leopold Wilderness Research Institute in Missoula, Montana. He was recognized for his exceptional productivity and his ability to conduct high-impact, relevant and applicable scientific studies with the potential to advance ecological and fire science.

Paul Hessburg and Ge Sun were both honored with Distinguished Science awards, which recognize creative effort and contributions through sustained research productivity, contributions of major impact on science or technology, scientific leadership, application and benefits of research, and service.

Hessburg is a research landscape ecologist with the Pacific Northwest Research Station based in Wenatchee, Washington. He was recognized for his groundbreaking contributions to the science of landscape ecology, his exceptional leadership and for science delivery in service to natural resource management in the United States with global applications.

Sun is a research hydrologist with the Southern Research Station Eastern Forest Environmental Threat Assessment Center based in Raleigh, North Carolina. He was recognized for his sustained productivity and leadership in forest hydrology research, including the development and application of hydrological models and tools for global natural resource management in a changing environment.

Finally, Christopher Fettig was honored with the Science Delivery award, which recognizes creative effort and contribution in the area of science delivery and technology transfer through sustained research productivity, leadership and contributions in providing value to end users of scientific research, and application and benefits of the research and service. Fettig is a research entomologist with the Pacific Southwest Research Station Ecosystem Function and Health Program in Davis, California. He is being recognized for his outstanding science delivery related to bark beetles, tree mortality and drought events in California.

The awards were bestowed Feb. 7 at the 2017 Deputy Chief’s Awards ceremony at the Chief’s Office in Washington, D.C.

Photo: A group of five men stands together in a conference room.
Deputy Chief’s Award recipients from left to right: Southern Research Station Director Rob Doudrick stands in for Ge Sun followed by Paul Hessburg, Christopher Fettig and Sean Parks. Research and Development Deputy Chief Carlos Rodriguez (far right) presented the awards. Forest Service photo by Joyce El Kouarti.